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Board of Directors

The ISCRE has continuously been a Registered Nonprofit Corporation in the State of Washington since October 25, 1976. As such, all actions and policies of the ISCRE must be conducted in accord with Washington laws and regulations, the Articles of Incorporation, the Bylaws, and the Operations Manual.  The Board of Directors is responsible for making sure this happens.

The ISCRE Board of Directors of the ISCRE has 7 to 11 members, including the following:

  • the reigning monarch(s) elected by resident and honored members the day before Coronation;
  • two or more representatives elected by members of the College of Monarchs, and
  • two or more at-large directors elected by registered members.

Terms of office for all directors are one year.  The Board of Directors for each Reign is seated and elects officers at the Annual Meeting held a week or two following Coronation and thereafter convenes in open meetings on the second Wednesday of each month. A new Board is seated a year later at the next Annual Meeting.

The Board of Directors and Officers for Reign XLIII was seated on May 6, 2016 and includes the following individuals as of 12/13/2017:

  • President and Co-Dean of the College of Monarchs, Rain Emperor XLII Shelley;
  • Vice President and Reigning Monarch, Tree Empress XLIII Tina Louise Sapphire Dior;
  • Secretary and Co-Dean of the College of Monarchs, Tree Empress XLII Jane;
  • Treasurer and College of Monarchs Representative, Rain Emperor XXXIV Brandon;
  • Member at Large, Rain Emperor XII Harold;
  • Member at Large: Imperial Prince XLIII Tony Fallacies Mercury;
  • Member at Large: Imperial Princess XLIII Natasha Vain;

To contact the Board of Directors, send email to board@raintreeempire.org.