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Coronation 2018

Reign XLIII of the Imperial Sovereign Court of the Raintree Empire presents

“Tea with Tina, A Polka-Dot Affair”

April 27th to April 29th 2018


Other Details

E&E of Fort Vancouver Contest
Invited contestants will been announced during the Out of Town Show. They then will collect donations for the Reign XLIII Travel Fund until the end of Hospitality. The two who collect the most money will walk with the ISCRE at Coronation and be seated at the head table at Victory Brunch.

Ad Space in the Souvenir Program
The program will be 8/5” x 8.5” with 0.5” borders all around.
Outside Back Cover                                         Inside Front Cover
Inside Back Cover                                            Full Page
Half Page (landscape)                                     Quarter Page (portrait)

Submit copy in PDF or jpg format, 300 dpi minimum to ads@RaintreeEmpire.org.
Send payment to ISCRE, PO Box 966, Vancouver, WA 98666


Keep in Touch
Facebook/Raintree Empire
Box 966, Vancouver WA 98666

Honoring Anniversary Monarchs of the ISCRE                 ∞ in loving memory ∞
40 year: ∞ Rain Emperor III Jim Lien ∞ and Tree Empress III Roni Bee
30 year: Rain Emperor XIII Gilman and ∞ Tree Empress XIII Mitzi Rose ∞
20 year: ∞ Tree Empress XXIII Jinger Snapp Rose ∞
10 year: Tree Empress XXXIII Rhea Rhange
1 year: Reign XLI: Rain Emperor XLII Shelley and Tree Empress XLII Jane